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  1. gravatar Bill Leitshuh Says:

    Actually, I’ve had good experiences with this company. I am a retired casino dealer, but have this insurance until I go on Medicare, and it is great. It covers almost everything I need. I got it through my school corporation in Indiana. This was one of the advantages of being underpaid so long.

  2. gravatar Heather Says:

    I would have to say my family has had the opposite experience - i.e. NOT good. My father was recently diagnosed w/stomach cancer and was scheduled to have a PET scan before starting treatment. The scan was rejected (not covered) by Anthem for unknown reasons - I guess someone w/stomach cancer, secondary bone cancer and skin cancer somehow still does not qualify - rediculous. Even w/insurance getting treatement for serious illness will quickly nickel and dime you to into the poor house.

  3. gravatar Matthew Cartwright Says:

    I have had a horrible time with this insurance company. In February I was diagnosed with the community acquired form of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA for short. MRSA is a type of superbug and is highly resistant to antibiotics. I was in the hospital for nearly six weeks fighting this bug. Anthem consistently rejected my doctors attempts to get authorization for treatment claiming that what I had was a pre-existing condition (and therefore not covered by my plan). I have paid over $10,000 out of pocket already and am facing over $500,000 in medical bills because Anthem refuses to pay. Avoid this insurance company at all costs.

  4. gravatar Darcy Says:

    The question I have for Anthem is, What do you actually cover? As a small business owner, it is impossible to get good coverage in this country. We have a individual health insurance plan with Anthem. The deductables are so high, it’s almost like we don’t have any coverage. I had a baby last year, with a $5K deductable, which barely paid for any of my c-section. Then, I had a sick baby on top of it. Our out of pocket expenses last year were close to $20K. That doesn’t include the $600 a month we pay to Anthem in premiums. And they raised our premiums! Poor healthcare coverage is going to insure the demise of the middle class in this country. We cannot afford tens of thousands in health care coverage every year. I do not know how people who live on fixed incomes can afford any perscriptions, let alone to get sick. If you get sick in this country, look online for your symptoms. Oh, and why does Anthem not pay for my children’s vaccinations, yet send me literature every month on how my kids need them?

  5. gravatar john stol Says:

    I used the system. I had a pre-existing spinal condition (resulting in an expensive operation) and a broken leg. All of about $3,000 covered out a total of $22,000. I worked a job I hated to get the health plan. After the operation, I quit the job. Now I’m a small business owner who can’t afford the plan. I have, and will always have bad credit, so I’ll never pay the remaining medical bills. I did, however, have to pay about $200 out of my pocket for co-pays and $600 out of my pay check that year. That sucked.
    Funny thing is, I had the operation once before. Thanks, Anthem, for over looking that!

  6. gravatar Kevin Says:

    One of the reasons I’m an American who doesn’t live in the states is because I get better cheaper medicine in Japan.

    Granted doctors and dentists aren’t as rich here, we’ve got National Health care, and medicine is cheap.

    Why can’t it be done in America? Because too many greedy Americans are more concerned about their own financial welfare than that of the country. In addition, illegal aliens in the states have access to medicine. Medical coverage should only be for legal
    aliens and American citizens.

    In Japan, if you’re somehow not legal you won’t be treated. But, you might be arrested and deported.
    I’m not refering to those on visitors visas; that provides legal status.

  7. gravatar John Says:

    I agree…avoid this company, whatever you do. They categorically deny claims with high dollar amounts, and will leave sick patients out in the cold. I'd rather lose all my savings playing poker than to give them one more of my dollars.

  8. gravatar Colleen Says:

    I needed a special type of eye drops that my optometrist prescribed for me, because I don’t produce very many tears. I had my optometrist write a letter telling the Anthem why I needed the special eye drops and I called them and they said that the drops were not in their “formulary”. The only thing keeping it out of their formulary is them.

  9. gravatar Tim Chiacchira Says:

    I have been denied twice for Insulin Pump sensers for my pump..These can wake me up at night and warn me of lows and highs in my sugar which will keep me from going intoo convulsions alone in bed at night..and well.. die.. I limit my sleep conseauently.. to manage my diabeties and make sure I dont sleep with low blood glucose levels.. I have broke my back once due to lows.. luckly I was married at the time.. now I am not.. so if it happens.. no ambulance for me.. just a body bag..or if I get highs.. then I go blind.. lose limbs etc.. my problem is really with lows and highs. I want to avoid the extreems and the device from would save my life…they dont care..

  10. gravatar todd clayton Says:

    experience with anthem…simple…I work, and because im single and working in the USA..i dont Qualify for any type of a reduced insurance…my premium has gone from free (paid by my company) to 10, 20, 40, 60 dollars a month…and my deductable has risen …(my choice) to keep the rates as low as possible…it is now a basic catastrophe plan with a deductable so high it really doesnt cover the basics a person needs…Example..I work out at the gym, and noticed a strange arrythmia…it went away on its own (thank heavens!)..the bills of $2000 grand or so i will be paying for a LONGGGG time

  11. gravatar Sean Says:

    I have a son with a chronic spinal condition and we have had WONDERFUL experiences with Anthem. All the doctors we have ever wanted him to see take the insurance (and have seemed relieved when they found out we had Anthem BCBS) and we have never had trouble with claims being paid. My son was diagnosed with his condition 3 weeks after I qualified for the insurance and there was no attempt to deny anything as pre-existing. Previously, when we had CIGNA we seemed to have to fight for everything we wanted or needed. BCBS insurance rocks!

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