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  1. gravatar John Schutz Says:

    I am a Chiropractor…say what you want, but I also have a specialty in sports medicine and have been a High School football doctor and professional rodeo doctor for over ten years now…so get off you high horse regarding quackery. Anyway, one week ago a young male walks into my office for low back pain and right leg pain to the foot (sciatica). He has had three surgeries from the same neurosurgical clinic prior. He apparently called the neurosurgical clinic for this exacerbation and asked if he should maybe see a chiropractor…what do you think they said? Da?? Now here’s the good part, Principal insurance only pays out $300.00 a year for chiropractic services. Well you might say so what…but here’s the point, they have already paid for three surgeries at approximately $25,000 a piece. Do ya thhink they could get their heads out of their a$$ before the gentleman becomes permanently disabled from a fourth non-sucessful surgery. Of course, then the U.S. government will take over. Study after study shows the effectiveness of chiropractic reducing hospitalizations by 41%, and surgeries by 32%. Do ya think some hospital workers could become “unemployed” if the world looked at chiropractic as the true health care syatem?

  2. gravatar mk luehr Says:

    I think he’s mistaken. My Principal coverage allows for $2500 per year for chiro care.

  3. gravatar N Elkind Says:

    I had a choice between The Principal & Blue Cross. My insurance agent, looking at the cost said it is 50-50. The only way either could drop me was to pull out of Illinois. I choose The Principal. The Principal, after a couple of years, pulls out of Illinois leaving me, who had since become uninsurable elsewhere due to a heart attack in a very high cost group maintained by another insurance company that The Principal organized to maintain coverage. Being that this group is uncompetitively high cost, everyone that can get coverage elsewhere, leaves. All that is left in the group is the uninsurables; left to maintain an incredibly high cost group. You might say that this is a business decision made for the benefit of The Pricipal’s shareholders. I would agree. But I would add that like The Principal, I believe that private insurance companies should NOT be in the business of providing health care coverage to residents of the State of Illinois.

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