Acordia National


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  1. gravatar Dr.Jensen Says:

    My staff of 12+ dedicated electronic medical billers worked with virtually all of these insurance companies minus only 1 or 2. I rate them all ‘comatose’ ie less than 1/2 star ie barely legal. I carried an Accounts Receivable of over $1,000,000.00 every year for about 15 years in Kentucky for approved, doctor ordered X-rays in hospitals around Columbia, Ky. Bills were unpaid by all of the companies. Acordia,Blue Cross, Aetna, Aflac, American Familoy,American Medical Anthem,Assurant,Cigna, Continental , Golden Rule, Group Health, Health Net, Humana Kaiser,Medical Mutual

  2. gravatar (fed) up Says:

    I’s (all) Criminal.

    Gambling Kill About 1.000 per year.
    Guns Kill About 13.000 per year.
    Dr’s Kill About 200.000 Per year.

    What do you say to (that)?

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